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Our GSAT course is suitable for all kind of airport employees – from contractors to shop workers and cleaners it has been designed and developed by certified DfT trainers, in accordance with the strict UK DfT requirements.

After successful completion of the Security Awareness course, employees will have a clear understanding of airport security measures, their obligations, and what they are expected to do in the event of an incident.
Every successful student will receive a full JP IAS certificate, qualifying them to receive their airport security pass quickly and easily. Our GSAT certification allows staff to:

  • Understand threats to aviation and the type of people who pose a threat
  • Respond correctly to threat warnings
  • Understand the meaning of the security controls that are put in place to ensure no prohibited articles are introduced
  • Have the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, comply and enforce security controls and restrictions
  • Understand their role and responsibilities in relation to aviation security
  • Recognise prohibited articles, explosive and incendiary devices and their components, that could be used in unlawful interference of civil aviation
  • Understand the meanings of the different colour-coded passes and the procedure to follow if presented with an invalid pass
  • Recognise the importance of general awareness in suspicious circumstances
  • Adopt and adhere to effective security practice and procedures in accordance with relevant legislations

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