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Effective security requires all the staff at the airport to have proper security training. The General Security Awareness Training Course is UK DfT approved and provides a solid foundation for any person working on an airport. The course is self-paced and does not require instructors and classroom facilities. In addition, each student can complete the training during break hours or on their own time. This minimizes staff disruption and decreases training costs. All student records are stored electronically.


Our GSAT course is:

  • Interactive, lots of videos and images
  • Shows different treat concepts and situations
  • Gives the learners a better understanding of the whole security system.
  • The course ends with a short test


  • Standardized – Each student interacts with the same training content and must achieve the same minimum passing grades. This ensures each student is trained to the same standard and is prepared to carry out his responsibilities.
  • Practical – Safe and effective way for the student to practice performing critical skills he will use on the job.
  • Comprehensive – The training teaches how to effectively increase security at the airport. This comprehensive approach prepares the student to be aware of themselves and their surroundings at all times. This approach keeps the student vigilant while on the job.
  • Self-paced – Each student can work through the training at his own pace. Custom remedial instruction is used to provide the right amount of training at the right time.


After successful completion of this test, all students will receive a certificate of accomplishment.

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