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As a low-cost carrier, Ryanair exclusively operates the Boeing 737. As with any aircraft, some seats are better than others. But which seats are the best, or more importantly, which seats should be avoided? Here are some thoughts on the topic:


Seats to avoid

First, let’s talk about the seats that should be avoided. Row 11 and 12 are probably the worst ones. In row 11 on the left-hand side, the aircraft has no window. It’s certainly one to watch out for if you’re trying to book a window seat, as there is no warning on Ryanair’s website that there is now window.  However, things are slightly better in row 12. This row is one that is almost aligned with two “windows”. However, the rear portion of the aircraft wall on both sides has a panel in the place of a window. This means passengers must lean forward to get a peek of the outside.


Where should I sit?

If you’re happy to pay for seat allocation and not accept a randomly assigned seat, there are some seats you should consider, and not all are as expensive as you may think. While of course, the seats in row 1 have plenty of legroom, they do come at a significant cost.


If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, why not consider the seats towards the rear of the aircraft. Occasionally a Ryanair flight will use a jetbridge but most of the time the carrier opts to use stairs at the front and the rear of the aircraft. The best part is that being at the back of the aircraft, the seats are significantly cheaper than their counterparts at the front and yet still allow for a swift exit.

Of course, if you want the perfect seat for Instagram worthy window shots, 30A and 30F are the seats to pick. Both seats allow a great view of the aircraft’s wingtip, while also allowing a largely unobstructed view of the world passing below.


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